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Adhesive Capsulitis And Acupuncture

Adhesive capsulitis can be benefited greatly by using acupuncture, in this article we're going to find out how.

This healing system has been used for millenia in China. That is a very long, very safe, and very effective track record if you ask me!

Generally speaking it entails using ultra thin needles into certain areas of the body. This in turn frees up the flow of 'chi' or life energy so that it can go where it's needed in the body, namely the area of pain in this case. This energy flows along channels known in acupuncture as meridians.

Did you know that millions of people in the USA alone suffer from this painful condition? It's true, you just don't hear much about it.

Many times it's precipitated by a trauma to the local area, setting it up for more problems to come.

Generally speaking there are three main stages to be aware of:

1- The freezing stage – This is where you start to lose your range of motion (ROM) and begin experiencing some pain. It is absolutely imperative to take massive, immediate action at this point, otherwise it will get much much worse and last many times longer than it otherwise would have.

2- The frozen stage – This is where your in the thick of it. For some, the pain may decrease, but everyone is left with severely restricted ROM to the point that otherwise mundane activities such as combing your hair or brushing your teeth become an uncomfortable or even impossible chore. Again, its vitally important to have the right treatment plan in place and to be taking the action steps each and every day to get through this ASAP.

3- The thawing stage – Finally , some relief is in sight! A gradual return of your ROM begins at this point though the pain will linger. It's still just as important to be working your program to the best of your ability.

So, in summary, the proper physical therapy along with adjuncts such as acupuncture (and of course proper nutrition and supplementation) is what's necessary if you want to minimize the time spent in pain with adhesive capsulitis.

For more information on a step by step program that works, go here.


According to studies, using acupuncture and exercises at this stage of the condition, could increase shoulder movement by 40-90%. The combination of both treatment dramatically improves range of movement. The use of NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) is not as effective at this stage of injury because stiffness of the shoulder becomes more of a problem. In addition, acupuncture is a natural and safe method in increasing shoulder movements that have very little side effects.

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