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The Shoulder Inferno Wrap Review

This thing is like a miracle! Although this blog is specifically geared toward frozen shoulder, this inferno wrap can be used for any sort of pain or injury so keep that in mind as you read the details below.

  • Treats Rotator Cuff injury, Shoulder Bursitis, Dislocated Shoulder and other shoulder pain safely, naturally and effectively.
  • The Shoulder, Left (Sm/Md) Inferno Wrap™ has 3 power levels (high, medium, low) with an automatic shut off feature.
  • The Shoulder, Left (Sm/Md) Inferno Wrap™ is made of high quality, flexible and washable neoprene, designed to contour comfortably around the shoulder.
  • The Shoulder, Left (Sm/Md) Inferno Wrap™ provides safe relief of pain that treats the source, unlike pain medication.
  • The Shoulder, Left (Sm/Md) Inferno Wrap™ is conveniently portable for use at home, the office or anywhere there is an electrical outlet.

Product Description

This is the only Blood Flow Stimulator available with a flexible “Energy Web” – This product comes highly recommended by physicians, therapists and sports professionals worldwide and comes with an automatic 1 year replacement warranty against defects. There is NOTHING on the market like this!

The Shoulder, Left (Sm/Md) Inferno Wrap™ Advantage

• Focused, Effective Treatment… Every Shoulder, Left (Sm/Md) Inferno Wrap™ is made of soft, flexible, textured neoprene that conforms to the shape of your shoulder. The patented Energy Web™ within the wrap is flexible and forms around your shoulder snugly ensuring the energy waves point directly into your body, everywhere over the entire shoulder joint!
• A Comfortable, Snug Fitting, Anti-Inflammation Therapeutic Treatment Protocol… With wide adjustable neoprene bands and strong Velcro closures that contour around the body and the shoulder, you always have a snug, comfortable fit. The snug fit is important so that while the device promotes blood flow to the area, the light pressure prevents swelling and pooling of blood. The blood flows through the area and doesn’t pool, healing your damaged tissue. The Shoulder, Left (Sm/Md) Inferno Wrap™ also provides gentle support for your injured shoulder protecting and holding it stable so you can relax throughout the treatment.

Inferno Wrap™ Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy

Through the absorption of high energy waves, tissues are safely and gently stimulated, increasing blood flow within the treated area. The Shoulder, Left (Sm/Md) Inferno Wrap™ will send oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the treatment area; which will speed healing and remove waste matter from the injury.

So to “wrap up”, these are a God send no doubt about it, and highly recommended. Please see our resources page for other related products that would be beneficial to you as well.

Please send in any questions or feedback you have related to any of these, we are always glad to get either type of email via the contact us page.

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